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Who we are

SWOP SIS is an initiative addressing the fashion expectations of women in professional sectors that are often male-dominated.

We recognise that for many women there can be substantial pressure to dress a certain way to fit in or there can be significant cultural shifts in clothing style.

  • For some women, the standard dress code requires conformity and to dress as non-confrontational as possible.
  • For others, fitting in means renouncing traditional cultural garments.
  • In professions that are male-dominated, this environment hits hardest on those of us who belong to marginalised groups

Acquiring an office-appropriate wardrobe can be a significant hurdle for many women, especially for migrant women of colour, LGBTQIA+ individuals and those coming from low-income households who already struggle with personal and social hardships - let alone buy a new outfit for an interview.

We aim to ease the burden of this process by providing not only affordable professional clothing, but by also instilling confidence in all women to express their true self.

We also recognise the role of a circular fashion economy. We want to raise awareness of environmentally sustainable alternatives to fast fashion. By swapping or donating your clothes, you’ll help your community decrease its carbon and water footprint by up to 30%.

Ultimately, our goal is to empower professional women to discover their unique style that builds their confidence at work while also protecting our environment.

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Start by creating an account. You'll be able to start swapping your clothes with our SWOP COIN currency.

Arrange your pick up or drop off from our chat feature. We want to encourage community engagement and this is also a great way to expand your group to other sisters.

Join a group which could be your suburb, cultural preference, university and more. You can also start a group of your own and collaborate with like-minded sisters.

Inspire other women in your community by creating your own BE YOU style guides. You can talk about how to dress for an interview, what to wear for a conference or the best hijab dress pairings - the topics are endless!..

List your items in our shopping portal. For each item you list, we'll give you swop coins which you can use to spend on other member's pieces.

Don't forget to tag us on social media! We would love to share your contribution to your community and also encourage others to swap.

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What they are saying about us

I wore an all pink dress, wore heels for the first time, and had a complete makeover. It was a wild experience and I don't think I would have dared to put myself through something that’s so out of my comfort zone if it was led by anyone else. This is exactly why representation matters!.


Dress to Impress initiative has provided me with confidence in things that I would not wear otherwise as a STEM professional. While picking clothes for myself, the sustainable aspect is one of the most important things that I look for. Dress to impress helped me understand the need for a circular fashion economy and provided me with eco-friendly and alternatives to the fast-fashion industry, such as swapping for clothes, thrifting etc.


To me, its all about feeling comfortable in your own skin while experimenting with different styles and feeling your best at workplace. As a petite woman, I wasn’t always very happy with the way I looked but this made me feel confident & comfortable with my own body type. It made me realise that you don’t need to have a certain body type to wear certain kinds of clothes. I’m extremely grateful to Ruwangi & Belle for this incredible initiative. I had such a great time participating in it. Thank you very much!.


As a woman of colour, being a part of this has been a blessing in a disguise for me to get close view on work fashion sustainability, breaking norms and building confidence through a shared wardrobe. When it comes to shopping for office look my mind goes through extreme stress. Some random thoughts constantly appearing are “is this colour too much?" , “is this appropriate?”, “will this help me to blend in with the group?”, “Why is this so expensive?” etc. SWOPSIS opened my mind and took me into the world of sustainable wardrobe and fashion lifestyle. Also I do feel a lot confident now to wear any work outfit and colour I want to without any regrets.


As a woman in STEM, facing cultural barriers and challenges have been an ongoing battle. I have felt judged because of how I look and speak and this has affected my life goals in many ways. SWOPSIS is a one of its kind initiatives that has helped me view myself in a different light. Rather than being harsh and cruel to myself, this initiative has taught me how to accept myself in its true shape and colour. The constant battle of fitting in was addressed by this initiative that has changed fashion conceptions. No, you don't need expensive clothes to look good, you can look great with basics!.


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